Cederberg Eerste

Our future is in our hands

Ons toekoms is in ons hande

Cederberg First Residents Association (CeFRA) is a duly registered 15A organisation that will contest the 2021 Local Government Elections in the Cederberg Municipality.

Our vision is to establish a well run and efficiently managed Cederberg Municipal Region where there are more jobs than people.

For the first time, since the dawn of our democracy, ordinary residents can participate in the everyday governance of their towns…it is truly democracy to the people and by the people.”

Dr Ruben Richards, Mayoral candidate

“Cederberg Eerste will provide competent leadership and governance. With a leader like Dr Richards who has a history in anti-corruption (Deputy Director-General of the Scorpions), I am confident we can provide the change needed to save the Cederberg municipality.”

Martin Bergh, Managing Director of Rooibos Limited



We will use resources and funds effectively
(We will not waste resources)


We will visibly deliver on our promises


We have qualified professionals who will deliver excellent services


We do not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, religion or gender


Cederberg Eerste subscribes to the IEC Code of Conduct and the constitution of South Africa